Its that time of year again – preparing for next season. This upcoming year it has never been easier to obtain and fill out the proper paperwork be eligible for next season.


The physical packet is available for download here. In addition to that, the GCC athlete guidelines and concussion packet is available for download here.

  • Any physical dated after 4/1/15 will be good for ALL of next school year.
  • Wrestlers may NOT participate in “official” practices without a physical and the IHSAA consent on file. They may NOT participate in a match until the entire packet is turned in…WITH ALL THE REQUIRED SIGNATURES.


To be eligible

  • Fall sports athletes (football, etc) must pass a minimum of 5 classes during semester 2 of this year.
  • Winter athletes (wrestling) will need to pass a minimum of 5 classes during Q1 of next year


If you are transferring into Jeffersonville High School this coming school year, you need to complete an IHSAA transfer form (available for download here) which must be returned to the Athletic Office. You may attend practices but may NOT compete in a game/match until the transfer has been accepted by the IHSAA.

Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs