Team Jeff’s banquet was a blast with wrestlers receiving tons of food, drinks, and awards. Thank you for the support!

Award Winners

Name Award
Christopher Kauchak Most Matches – PeeWee
Little Kauchak Most Matches – Bantam
Blake Miller Most Matches – Intermediate
Austin Smith Most Matches – Novice
Carlos Monroy Most Matches – Schoolboy
Christopher Kauchak Most Tourneys – PeeWee
Little Kauchak Most Tourneys – Bantam
Blake Miller Most Tourneys – Intermediate
Austin Smith Most Tourneys – Novice
Sammy Jemerson Most Tourneys – Novice
Carlos Monroy Most Tourneys – Schoolboy
Kameron Fuller Ironman
Carson Somerville Ironman
Jack Ferraro Ironman
Quintin Smith Ironman
Austin Smith Ironman
Montana Northern Ironman
Bryan Simpson Ironman
Dylan Jolley-Little Ironman
Christopher Kauchak Elementary Duals Team
Blake Miller Elementary Duals Team
Montana Northern Elementary Duals Team
Quintin Smith Elementary Duals Team
Sammy Jemerson Elementary Duals Team
Little Kauchak Elementary Duals Team
Tristian Robertson Elementary Duals Team
Sebastian Robertson Elementary Duals Team
Austin Smith Elementary Duals Team
Carlos Monroy Warrior Award
Evan Clayton Leadership Award
Austin Smith Leadership Award
Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs