Summer is coming towards an end and here at Team Jeff we would like to have as many area wrestlers come in for a final live night before Fargo. You don’t have to be going to Fargo to take place in this practice, we want you to come get mat time! The live night is July 15 at 6 PM, be there!

Other dates if you want to take part in Team Jeff (note that practices are 6:00 to 7:30)


July 6 – drill, live, weights
July 7 – physicals at school
July 9 – hour live , weights, physicals at school
July 10 – Fargo Camp
July 11 – Fargo Camp
July 12 – Fargo camp
July 13 – drill, live, weights
July 15 Рlive only!!! Рinvite area teams and kids from other schools! 
July 21- High school kids teach elementary multi sport athlete camp
July 24 – Japan team arrives
July 27 Рteam swim party with Japanese 

Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs