Part of wrestling for Team Jeff is free access to Wrestling Recruit, an online tool that has information on colleges that offer wrestling as a sport. To get to this tool, navigate to and login with the information provided by Coach Struck or Coach Stewart (hanging up in the wrestling room).

Using Wrestling Recruit


Once you’re logged in, the database screen is shown. From here you can do everything from filter colleges to finding information. First off, use the filters such as state and division to narrow your search down. For this article, we will be using NAIA schools in Kentucky that offer male wrestling programs.


Now that we have our colleges, let’s find information out on them. By clicking on the college name, we get some quick information on the college like tuition and acceptance rate. Lindsey Wilson might sound interesting and it might work out for you, so let’s check if they have your major by clicking the academics link.


At this point if we still think it would be a good fit its time to contact the coach and let him know we are interested. Contacting the coach is best done by filling out the recruit questionnaire which can be found next to academics and admissions buttons.

The goal is to get your information out to as many coaches so repeat this process for any other colleges that seem like a fit.

Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs