Incoming Freshmen

Posted by Danny Struck on Thursday, July 19th, 2018

To our incoming freshman (and really all wrestlers):

Hey guys welcome to high school! Super excited to see you and coach you in some wrestling this winter!!!! But first…. get into a fall sport! Football, soccer, tennis, cross country are all great choices. And beat choices. However, fall conditioning will start with Coach Stewart, Fridley and Shepherd (as you know I’ll be at River Valley coaching football), after fall sports have a few weeks to start.

Make sure you get your physical!!!

Sports performance class:
I’d love to have you in weightlifting class! Get ahold of your freshman counselor and tell them you wrestle for me and they will help you get in at least one semester now and then for to next three years after. We get to lift 5 days a week during school and for a grade! That gives u time after school for homework, and other sports.

Super excited about our future together!!! We got a group of talented kids and coaches that care. This could be our best incoming class of all time if you all stick together! Get the grades, play multi sports, stick together and WRESTLE!

See you soon:

Coach struck 812-786-2308