9 starters new to this tournament did an outstanding job!

We did take 4th at this tourney, and last year took 2nd but there was a mostly completely new set of teams, Perry meridian being former state champions and ranked top 4; as well as Plainfield and Westfield being top 20, is getting fourth with 9 new starters was a good day.

“Our kids looked in shape and strong, they enjoyed the compliments on that from the other coaches”

“The kids worked hard, had fun, cleaned up their space, helped the other team roll mats…. so we call that a good day. They grew as people.” “On the mat- every kid won at least one match, by pin, without the aid of a forfeit, against a very tough opening tourney. I’m proud and excited about this team and it’s future.”

We entered 52 wrestlers at 2 locations and came away with 85 wins. 27 kids got their first ever high school win, 6 kids went undefeated. We ate meals as a team, and spent time together. This was a successful opening weekend.

106-Robert Cline- 2-2 4th- outstanding last second win to get to the 3/4 match!
113- Devon Mcdaniels- 2-2 4th- two pins for this sophomore wrestler that took a year off
120- Jeremiah Cain 2-2 5th
126-Darien taco Collins – 1-3 6th
132- Isiah zippy fulcher – 1-3 6th
138- Carlos santos- 1st 3-0 – his first tourney title besides sectionals- out
145- Trent brown 2-1; 2nd; lost in the finals to the 7th raked kid in the state- had a great tourney
152- Isaac hall- 3-1 3rd; two pins for this senior quarterback
160- mark Johnson – 1-3 7th
170- Evan Clayton- this freshman upcoming super star wrestled great losing to the champion, the third placer and then ending with a quick pin 7th, 1-3
182- Cody Matherly – this first time varsity junior had a great tourney- 4th , 2-2
195- Seth Scott- straight off all conference soccer he takes 5th- looked really good at a deceiving 5th going 2-2
220- Dylan “matt Damon” Thompson – went 3-1 Losing by just 2 to the champion ; 3rd place; he wrestled 152 last year so we are excited he has transitioned well to this growth spurt
Hwt- Matt munoz- 2-2; looked good for this sophomore 5th place

Everyone won a legit match or more

Jv results from Jennings county
Unlimited entries per weight from: Jeffersonville, Seymour, Bloomington South, Columbus East and North, Mooresville, Greewood, and Jennings County.

Tony Moran 3-0
Tyrell Spaulding 2-1
Connor Gilles 2-1
Caleb Owens 2-1
Jabreon Litsey 3-0
Jaylen debnam 1-3
Mia Compton 1-2
Tyler patty 1-3
Brandon Martinez – 1-2
Kane maharaj 0-3
Logan eich 1-2
James Stewart 3-0
Kolton gettings 1-2
Nathan Eihusen 3-0
Nathaniel Stephens 3-0
Sammy Jemerson 2-1
Connor Pangburn 1-2
Ethan Creigh 1-2
Cooper Mullins 1-2
Camren Smith 2-1
Jordan Hernandez 2-1
Hunter Johnson 0-3
Greg Shingleton 2-1
David Goemmer 0-3
Ethan rodgers 2-1
Colin Corbin 2-1
Eli Cartrete 2-1
Austin smith 2-1
Eric Lopez 1-2
Tim jones 2-1
Austin Bouchée 1-2
Josiah Breckinridge 1-2
Cameron smith 2-1
Kendrick Sutherland 2-1
Hayden Prather 1-2

Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs