Being chosen as a part of the leadership council, and captain of this team should be considered a high honor. With that honor, however, comes responsibility. Thus, you will be required to complete a short form as to why you want to be captain with recommendations from your teachers. Those that complete this process will then be required to interview for the position. Only those that meet the eligibility requirements below will be called for an interview.

Eligibility Requirements
•Anyone is eligible
• Completed application w/recommendations
• Able to meet requirements of the team

In no specific order, leadership council/captains are expected to…
• Recruit other people and encourage other people to wrestle
– participate in our leadership council – your a lead on it!
• Communicate information from the coaching staff to the wrestlers (through the phone tree
and/or email)
• Meet the minimum requirements of the team
• Help choose, and order equipment throughout the season (Singlets, t-shirts, additional
clothing desired, etc.)
• Help organize fundraisers for the team (ideally, our goal is to have $8,000 in our team
account by the end of the season).
• Demonstrate leadership through leading during warmups, practice, at meets, and off of the
mat – in and out of the school environment
• Lead the team on the bench, encourage other wrestlers, and
• Meet with the coaching staff throughout the season
• Participate in the “Captain’s Training” sessions
• Any other request made by the coaching staff
• Team First!!

Voting/Choosing a captain
– Wrestlers will be interviewed in front of a panel
– Their references will play apart in the decision
– Must have demonstrated leadership qualities throughout the year
Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs