PreK*- 6th Elementary League

*turning 5 year old in 2016 are eligible

While looking for something to get your elementary athlete ready for their chosen sport, give “JEFF”-Fit a try! Jeff-Fit are CrossFit style workouts geared towards developing agility, balance, flexibility and EXPLOSIVENESS. These workouts are run by a CrossFit certified trainer as well as our Jeff High Sports Performance staff, and Jeff Wrestling staff.

Wrestling is perhaps the best sport for overall physical development because it involves all muscle groups. It is a total sport because it improves balance, speed, agility, and intensity while strengthening virtually all muscle groups. Many soccer and football coaches are known to recruit wrestlers because of their advanced athletic abilities. Parents often notice improvements after just one season of wrestling.


Jeff Fit + Team Jeff Wrestling is a little over a hour long practice consisting of CrossFit style workouts that are geared to help develop agility, balance, flexibility, and explosiveness. After the workout, wrestling is taught and practiced.

Inter-squad duals will be held weekly to help prepare the kids for tournaments and help parents learn what youth wrestling is about. Folkstyle season runs January to march and after Freestyle and Greco start.


Practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15 to 7:30 (P.M.). Parents are encouraged to stick around and participate/coach in practices (no wrestling experience is needed, just a willingness to step on the mat and help supervise).


Jeff Fit membership can be paid in person or online by clicking the button below. The cost is $100, which covers membership until May 2016 and covers the cost of a USA/ISWA wrestling card, which allows a wrestler to wrestling in a tournament.


The elementary head coach is Joe Somerville. He can be reached at 502-821-4199.

The high school head coach is Danny Struck. He can be reached at 812-786-2308.

Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs