The majority of off season tournaments use Track Wrestling to handle everything from registration to match pairing. While this is great, actually registering and using Track Wrestling can be a bit confusing if you have never used it before.

Finding a Tournament

Navigate to Click on the ‘Browse’ button at the top of the page (located in the navigation bar). Then find the ‘Search’ button and click it. A window¬†should popup with search options. The option you should look at is state, which you should select as either Indiana or Kentucky for local tournaments. ¬†Click the ‘Search’ button at the bottom of the options and now all the tournaments matching your search options should appear. To view that tournament, click on its name.


Registering for a Tournament

To register for a tournament, find the tournament and click on it. It should take you to a pre-registration information page. If not, in the navigation bar click on ‘Information’ and then a menu should pop up underneath. Located in that menu is a link that says ‘Information’, click on it. You should be on the pre-registration information page. Now click on ‘Pre-Register’. A window should popup with a form that includes contact, wrestler, and payment information. Once you fill out and submit the form without any error, you will be registered for the tournament.

Viewing Brackets

Many tournaments will make the brackets available on Track Wrestler, that way a wrestler or parent can stay update on bout numbers and the overall bracket. To do this, navigate to the tournament. Once there, click on ‘Results’ in the navigation bar. A menu should appear underneath containing a link for ‘Brackets’. Click on it. Now on the left side of the screen there should be a select field containing age group and weight class. Choose the appropriate options and then click ‘View’. A bracket should appear to the right. Note that you may need to refresh page if no bracket shows up.

Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs