1. Drag out of a FHL 2) Stop BLDG + Score 3) Roll through a HL 4) Make a 2 on 1 yours and score 5) Block a ¾ 6) Vs. cross body – sit out hook shot leg 7) Stop Sign vs. a wizzer 8) Check your watch and score with a 2 on 1 vs. a colar tie 9) cut the corner vs. a Hi-C – laces back 10) down block drills w/ partner 11) arms trapped in a front HL – a) circle out b) whip him over and out c) vs. chestlock grab his wrist
9) Sit out/back up/gopher 10) Return to a ball/breakdown 11) Return to a ball bottom man move 12) Fake a single go to double, fake a Hi-c or double, go to single
13) Sprawl to a whizzer 15) Bottom man stay on all 4’s in a FHL – top man get him to elbow 16) top bottom, or feet

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Three Time Back to Back to Back Sectional Champs